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Thread: Dock problem

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    Feb 09, 2009
    Dock problem
    I recently had a small bug on me mac's dock
    There seams to be a thin greenish line on the dope of the finder icon.
    I noticed that as I get me mouse near the icon, when it makes it bigger the line is growing as well
    It's maybe a problem with the image it self. So if someone knows how to repair this little problem.

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    it's probably a rendering problem, sometimes happens when your computer does intense graphics or overclocking, I doubt it's a bad image

    does this always stay there? after you log out/restart?

    I'd try switching to the 2D dock and then back, might help .. or maybe iven just autohide it

    Change the 10.5 Leopard Dock from 3D to 2D - OS X Daily
    maybe just resetting it will do the trick, gl

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