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    Unhappy Help - saving JPEG-format in PS
    aaaah, Im giving up here - so well, I hope that you can give me a hand?
    Im working with these photos in CS3 - both JPEG and TIFF-files, and when Im pressing for "save as" - I choose them to be saved as JPEG-files.. BUT
    when I look them up in my folders afterward they ALLWAYS appears as "Adobe Photoshop JPEG files". And I really need them to be just JPEG files to use them on my web and so.

    As you may understand - Im not that a genius on PS - so Ive been reading a little around, so I read something about RGB and 8bit - so I tried to save after marking these - but still NOT JUST JPEG - still only manage to get AdobePS JPG-files... Then I tried this "Save for Web.." but still the same problem.

    Somebody out there who knows?

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    They are just JPEGs as far as I know... but if you double click them, they'll open in photoshop by default. But they should work just fine with other apps / websites as well.

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    noo They dont work on my webpage - also tried to upload them to photobucket, but it didnt accept them either...

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    The description Adobe Photoshop JPEG files is just what the OS X finder knows them to be, JPEG files with the file creator Photoshop.

    But that is not your problem. The best way to save JPEGs in photoshop is to use the Save for Web option.

    This will always save 8 bit RGB JPEGS and what's more, you can experiment with the settings and preview the file size and quality before hitting save. Also this method will name the files in such a way as they are web server friendly
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