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    camera detection when connecting to mac

    I have a camera, from which I would like to copy the pictures onto a Mac OS X laptop.
    However, when I connect the camera, it starts up iPhoto, and the camera doesn't show up as a HD on the desktop..only in iPhoto.
    I'm thinking that, maybe, the camera will show up normally on the desktop if I can stop iPhoto from automatically opening whenever the camera's connected.
    I can't find out how to prevent this from happening, though, and so I have no idea how to get the camera to show up on the desktop..

    Hoping for help


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    if you open iphoto then look in top of window click on iphoto scroll down to preferences and click in the general window you will find, connecting camera opens and in there you can choose no application .. hope this goes someway to helping

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    If you camera is a Canon, it will not mount to the desktop. You can use Image Capture to import without iPhoto. YOu can also select preferences in Image Capture as to what you want to happen when you connect your camera.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, and sorry for my late response..

    I'm afraid I couldn't find the setting that you're referring to, Hacky. I'm not sure what the reason is..the program is in German, though I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
    I managed to deactivate that iPhoto opens when a camera is connected thanks to a pop-up window I got when starting up the program..which hadn't appeared before, nor has it again since.

    @ skybolt
    The camera's a Nikon..maybe the same applies to a Nikon as does to a Canon?


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