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    Aperture 2.0 v. Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac -- opinions?
    Unless someone wants to nominate a different software, the choice for me has come down to these two. I have no hands-on experience with either. If anyone has worked with either or both, what were your impressions of the software and which would you recommend, and why?

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    They really serve a different purpose, so it's hard to compare. Aperture and Adobe Lightroom handle the essentials of photo organization and treatment, while Photoshop (even Elements, but I can't live without the real deal) is better suited for major work.

    Not that I don't know a number of photogs who still use Photoshop full time for everything, but it just seems unnecessary these days.

    Personally, I use Adobe Lightroom. I started out using Aperture and loved it, but Lightroom had features that really let me push some of my treatments in ways that I hadn't been able to in Aperture.

    Either way, I'd choose between Lightroom and Aperture and forget stinky Photoshop Elements.

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