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    Exclamation External hard drive for both Mac and PC
    I work for a photography studio. they have PCs. i have an iMac. I'd like to edit images at home. Is there an external hard drive that will allow me to copy all the raw image files from the studio's PC to the external hard drive, bring it home and edit them all on photoshop, have the xmp files present, jpeg them, and then bring it back in to the studio and put all the edited images on the PC and have the image files (raw, xmp files, and jpeg) viewable and workable?
    thanks for your help!

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    Any external USB hard drive should work that is labeled as compatible for both Mac and PC. (Even if it's not, it should still work just fine) Just be sure to format it as FAT32, as OS X will only read (not write or delete) to an NTFS formatted drive, and a PC will not read or write an OS X formatted drive.

    Both Mac and PC will read/write FAT32.

    A client of mine gave me an 80GB FreeAgent Go drive which works fine on Mac and PC, I got rid of the pre-installed software on the drive though. I like my externals to have only content that *I* put on them.

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    And a fair word of warning, FAT32 has a file limit of 4gb. So any file over 4gb will not be able to be put on that drive.

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    Western Digital ibook
    I have an ibook. It lets me use on both machines at the same time. Some of the others like the Maxtor One Touch lets you pull off from the mac but it won't let you write to it or rearrange things.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    that's all about drive format, not manufacturer.
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    4 gb limit
    is it a 4 gb per file limit or total? because 4 gb total isn't very much. thanks.

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    4GB per file.
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    you can always solve the problem of fat32 with adding a different filesystem compatibility to your MacOS

    first thing I did, no way I'm using FAT32 to share data .. used macFuse and ntfs-3g

    just be sure to use the Safely Remove Hardware option under windows and Eject in Mac, couldn't read from the disk if my friend didn't remove it properly ...

    as far as the hard drive goes, just pick anything that suits you .. I'd go with Western Digital for the disk, never had a problem and they are overall reliable ... they also make a 2,5 Passport version already installed in the frame, but more expensive though
    although looking at my desk, I have a Hitachi disk in an MSI case ... hm had it lying around so why not use it

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