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Thread: watching still images on TV

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    watching still images on TV
    Hi eveyone! Can anyone suggest a way of creating digital camera generated tiffs/jpegs that can be watched on a conventional TV through the DVD player. I have copied tiffs onto DVD but the DVD player does not show them. It maybe that the image files sizes are too big, but any advice would be welcome.

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    Not too many DVD players can read .TIFF files unfortunately.

    Burn a CD with some .JPEGs on it and see if that works. I know mine can read .JPEGs, TBH on a TV you'd not notice much difference between .TIFF and .JPEG, color reproduction is nowhere near 'acurate' and on standard definition it won't look that great anyway.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Another way would be to drag all the pictures you want to view into iMovie and make a slide show. Then burn the movie...

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    I agree with dakineyj, it might take a little longer but at least it will work.
    Also, I assume that you don't have a USB port on your TV? Because most of the new TV's have included them as an extra feature

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