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Thread: Transfering Photos to memory card

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    Transfering Photos to memory card
    I received a digital photo frame for X-mas that is not Mac Compatible. I am using a work around that requires loading my iphoto to a photo memory card. The problem is that my photos have duplicate names. It looks like when I have uploaded the photos from my SLR, the photos start at the same number causing the duplication. Is that correct?

    So two questions: Is there a way to rename what I already have in memory that would not require a picture by picture effort? How to I upload photos in the future to keep this problem from happening?


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    You can use something like name mangler to bulk rename files. Or you could just try an export to a folder from iphoto, I've a feeling it renames any duplicates.

    To stop this happening in the future you can change the options in your camera to use continuous numbering

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