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    photo screen saver issues
    I would like to show a screensaver of my photography. However, when I use a folder of photos from iphoto they keep coming out pixelated. Does anyone know of a screensaver maker that would keep my images looking sharp? Or of a way to make them look better through the iphoto folder screen saver? I have tried changing the resolution but I can't seem to find a resolution that doesn't shrink/stretch at least a little making the image not seem crisp. Thanks for your help!

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    Are your images large enough to fit your screen?

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    Have you still go t the orginal files? If so ty creating a folder for them on your harddrive amd then point the screen saver at that - see if that makes any difference.

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    Images are larger than the screen size and I have tried going through iphoto and through a folder directly on the hard drive. The problem is the screen saver automatically resizes them but I do not know what their target image size is! With large or small image I am getting distortion from the "auto-resize" even when "resize to fit screen" is unchecked.

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    I have a similar problem - some photos are great, others are very poor quality - and this isn't a reflection of original photo quality as they are all good...

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