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Thread: Pictures not showing up on Digital Photoframe

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Pictures not showing up on Digital Photoframe
    Hello everyone.

    I received a samsung (spf-76h) digital photo frame as a gift and I have run into a couple snags with setting it up...

    First, when I plug the frame into my macbook pro and transfer over a few photos, they don't all show up on my frame. A few show up, but not all. They appear as questions marks - or incompatible files. I have triple checked the files and they are all jpegs, optimized to the resolution of the frame and are all saved with the same settings. I'm really confused as to why some of the pictures show up and others don't. Is there something that I am missing? I have previously opened all these photos in Photoshop, but I don't see how that would change things.

    The second issue is that the extra hidden files that are created by the finder also get transferred to the frame, and of course these aren't compatible and clutter up things on the frame. Is there a way to prevent these from being transferred?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Update... I have figured out how to prevent my mac from copying the hidden files to the frame, but I'm still stuck on why some jpgs show up and others don't.

    I think it must be a setting or something that is happening in Photoshop. When I open a picture in photoshop, crop and resave it as a jpeg, it doesn't show up on the frame anymore...

    ... any ideas?


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    Nov 22, 2008
    Well, I figured it out, and actually feel pretty dumb. If anyone is having the same issue, when saving your files from Photoshop, save with the Baseline ("Standard") option and not the Progressive option..... yes it is just that easy.

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