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    Reverting to the original Image
    Hiya First post here

    Basic query. I was sent an image a while back and it had been edited by having two big black squares put over it in some software like paint i presumed. However later I noticed when browsing my image in finder, i could view the original image without the black squares in the Cover Flow view, except if the image was dragged to become bigger the squares returned.

    My query is. Is there any way of viewing that image in its original state and size?

    I have print screened then enlarged the pic in photoshop, however you end up with a very grainy pixelated version, and seeing as i amm trying to read text this isnt helping too much

    Any help appreciated


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    Well you already tweeked it with Photoshop, and if you saved over it (saved it with the same name and file extension), the original is pretty much gone.

    That's is why I always stress doing non destructive image manipulation. IE making a duplicate of the image in another layer before going crazy with it.

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    nope saved the tweak as a copy Im not that silly haha

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