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    Need advice! Should I repair or get a new one?
    I have a Minolota x-700 film slr 35mm, It seem that the advancing lever has jammed i went to ritz camera and they said they could do an out of store repair for 140 which will included a touch up of other things.

    I have 2 lenses with it an 18 mm and a 35-70 or 80 something , and a flash.

    should I pay for a new camera or pay to get this one repaired?

    Thanks in advanced,
    Jordan Jez

    Happy Hollidays.

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    get new one

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    Film has been replaced with digital SLR camera's now, so unless you are a film hobbiest I think you should just change. Asuming you ment minolta not "minolota" if you go for a sony alpha DSLR you can use minolta lens's

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    How to mount a manual focus lens on the Sony Alpha 700 Olympus/Zuiko

    You will need an adapter for your x-700 lenses to work on the sony alphas.

    I think if you love film and the camera repair it. If you love film but don't want to fix the camera you can get a used one for cheap. Or you can get the adapter and use some of the lenses you have now on a new Sony DSLR.

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