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    Unhappy Pasting an image from word into a mail message

    I have an imac and am trying to convince the Mrs to get a macbook, the only thing preventing her from switching from a windows laptop is that on our mac she cannot seem to send an image in an E Mail.

    She does not want to send it as an attachment what she wants to be able to do is write a letter in mac word and with images inserted and paste it into mac mail and send it to hotmail Gmail or yahoo recipients.

    We have just tried this and successfully created the letter, inserted a jpeg and pasted it into a mac mail message and sent the E Mail. When we logged onto Hotmail the message was there but only the text the image did not appear not even a ? or anything in its place.

    Why does this happen?

    How can we resolve it?

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    Normally inserting an image in an email is easy. Drag and drop or cut and paste should work. However, Word seems to use a separate clipboard so you'll need to save the image from a Word document to disk first and then copy or drag it to a mail message.

    Dragging an image to the Mail tool icon in the Dock opens a new mail message with the image already inserted.

    How it appears for the recipient depends on how their mail tool is configured, either to display images In-Line, or as an Attachment, or maybe not at all.

    Check your Gmail/Yahoo settings.

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