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    Sep 07, 2008
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    windows has mspaint. what does osx have?

    i'd really rather not pull the old compaq relic out of the closet if i can avoid it...

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    There are lots of "paint" subtitutes out there. Personally I use Seashore. It emulates "paint" good enough Give it a shot!

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    Try Paintbrush. It's a Mac clone of MS Paint. There are many others that have varying degrees of complexity, but this one is almost an exact match.
    Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics!

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    Sep 07, 2008
    TiBook - 800MHz/1gb/30gb/combo/500gb external
    sweet. i think paintbrush is one i tried to find but every link i found was dead.

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