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    Question Wacom Tablet Question
    I was recently required to replace the hard drive in my Mac Mini due to hard drive failure, so I'm still in the midst of installing all of my programs back onto my computer.

    When I install my drivers for my 2005 Wacom tablet, yes, they allow the tablet to work, but it functions as a mouse would so I am required to drag the pen and go back like a normal mouse would need to be so it could span the entire screen. I had it previously set so that the tablet size was locked to my screen size so it was directly proportional, but I cannot figure out how to do this again (which is hindering my ability to draw on the tablet). I've looked through all the settings, reinstalled the drivers, etc. and I simply cannot figure it out. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    You should have a selection in System Preferences for "Pen Tablet". In that preference pane should be a couple of tracking options for "Pen Mode" and "Mouse Mode". Pen mode would make tracking 'absolute' which means the tablet matches the size of your screen, while Mouse Mode invokes the pen to be 'relative' which is what a mouse is usually used for.

    Naturally, for accurate use of the tablet you'll want it to be tracking 'absolute' to the size of your screen, and thus the locations of what you're working on.

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