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Thread: Putting CS4 on the Dock?

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    Putting CS4 on the Dock?
    Okay, so this might be a little off topic, but I couldn't decide the best place to ask, so I'll just ask here.

    A couple weeks ago I was in the Apple store and one of the display computers had CS4 installed on it. However, CS4 appeared on the dock. When you clicked it, it popped up into a grid which allowed you to select the applications you want. I was able to mimic something like that by making some aliases and then putting them in a folder and linking that folder on the dock. But it's definitely not as nice or streamlined. I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if CS4 has something like that built into it? Or maybe if anyone even knows what I'm talking about?

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    I did the same thing you did. Created aliases for all the programs I wanted, put them into a stack on the dock and let it decide how it should display it to me.

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    in your applications folder does CS4 have a folder as well? if so make an alias of that folder and drop that onto the doc.

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