Well, I have decided I need some lighting. I am in a fierce debate between three floodlight kits. I would be using them for portraits, and other situations. I really need to keep cheap. So, here are the bachelors:

Impact | Tungsten One Flood Light Kit (120VAC) | 401483 | B&H

Impact | One Light Umbrella Kit (120VAC) | FL-500-KII | B&H

and Impact | Tungsten Two Flood Light Kit (120-240VAC) | 401486

Can anyone give me some reviews on these products? I just don't want to buy the product and have it turn out to produce tons of heat, not produce good looking light, etc.

Here is some other information:

Ľ I would be using black and white film.

Ľ I know it's cheap, but this is all I can afford at the moment. As I take in more $$$, I will be able to buy better equipment.

Thanks in advance,