I've set some custom icons, manually (OS X 10.4.11). I set new icons for the Applications, Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures folder. Sidebar icons for these folders are normally a bit different, just the "badge" in front of the folder. My problems is that the Documents, Movies, and Music sidebar icons are the same as their Folder icon counterpart, but the Applications and Pictures sidebar icons are different (like "front views" of their counterparts). I just need them to be consistent, either all the same, or all different. Anyone know where this data is stored? Is it something to do with the icon image itself or some sidebar preference? I've tried the usual copying and pasting in the "Get Info" view, it's the same thing there. The Doc, Mov, and Mus icons in the Get Info view look like they should, the Apps and Pics folder icons in the Get Info view are just "front views" of their folders' icons. I hope it's not hard to understand. Basically... I just want to know how the sidebar sets or changes the view of a respective folder's icon.