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    iphoto please bear with me .....
    i jsut copied my external drive to a folder on the desktop for easy finding for the moment

    i did this because i know i have alot of duplicates but i want to use my external as a back for time machine

    no i want to have all my photos in iphoto so that its organized ( i know iphoto is nt the best but its whats on here and i dont do much adobe editing work)

    once i drag them into iphoto i know i will be in the thouseands of dupe pics area

    however then i jsut want to run a duplicate finder so i can sort thru them that way what is the best free one out there to use so this can be a one shot deal so i have no dupes and then i can re org my iphoto camera rolls afterwards

    and then i can run time machine so i have extra copies incase i crash highly unlikely but it can happen


    one more thing on some rolls of film in iphoto i can see thumb nails but when i i go to open the real pic it cant find it how do i find the original

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    Jan 09, 2008
    i guess no one on here has a solid answer thats awesome

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