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    Help please with aperture's photo editing capabilities
    Well, I just got Aperture and was able to transfer all of my iPhoto library into it. Mostly, I was drawn to it by the fact that iPhoto was getting a tad sluggish, with my 4,000 photos, as well as the fact that Aperture has enhanced editing capabilities (even though, I know, it's no photoshop). I've been playing around with the software, and unfortunately it's not as clear as I thought it would be when it came to editing photos.

    I somewhat miss the easy to use controls in iPhoto that looked like this:

    But now I'm stuck with this in Aperture! I'm trying to force myself to get used to it, but I don't even know what any of these buttons (in the image below) do.

    Can someone please explain to me what sliders/controls I'm supposed to use in Aperture, and what each one does? Oh, and is there a magical "enhance" button, like in iPhoto?


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    Check iTunes for "Aperture 2: Quick Tip" podcasts.

    That's a good series that'll take you through the basics from opening Aperture and a brief instruction in the features.
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    You really need to learn this software to get the best from it. It's a great workflow management tool as well as an editing tool. The best book on this is Aperture 2 (Apple Pro Training): Ben Long, Richard Harrington, Orlando Luna: Books

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