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    The Mecklenburg Inn menu.
    A friend of mine asked a favor. I shot the wall with the menu on it so he could put it on a flyer.

    I used two strobes, one to the left and one to the right of the camera, to light the scene. Both were bounced off the ceiling and I tried to get the lighting as even as possible. I did perspective distortion correction and cleaned up some lines and removed an electrical socket from the wall. This edit is the one with the most USM and noise reduction to give it a slightly different look. The walls themselves were crooked, so even with fixing it as much as possible, I couldn't get it perfect. I sent three to the person doing the flyers with different levels of USM and noise reduction with one being pretty much what the original scene looked like, one in the middle, and then this one.

    I'm pretty happy with the results. Just wondering what everyone else's opinions are.

    You can click on the photo for an external link to my Flickr site and larger sizes.
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    Nicely done, Village Idiot!
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