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    Quick question about exporting from Keynote
    When you export a presentation from Keynote to Flash, does it retain the animations and all? Or are the animation effects lost in the process?
    (Because I tried the same with OpenOffice's Impress and the animations were gone for good, when I opened the swf file).

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    You are better off exporting to quicktime

    You can then convert the quicktime file to flash using MPEG Streamclip
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    But if I export to quicktime, then it will work like a movie clip, right?
    Because the ppts I'm talking about aren't really the movie-clip-kind.
    They're more like the kind you use to talk on when making a presentation.
    I need the reader to be able to proceed through the ppts manually.

    The problem is the following: there's this teacher of mine, she asked me and two other students in my class to create a "multimedia document with text and animations and a movie" to send to a commission for a competition or something.
    She actually asked for a very specific kind of document: a site in flash which opens with a skippable movie, then, through an interactive button menu you can access the main content, which will be a pdf document and the abstract ppts.
    I'm not the one who's gonna do the flash-thingy because I know nothing of it. But my friend, who's gonna create the flash, told me he can't import the ppts into flash directly as they are - they need to be in swf format.
    That's why I tried to create a swf directly from the original files...but the result was not very good.
    And that's why I was wondering if there's a program out there which would enable me to export the ppts but keeping the animations.
    Well, I don't really care about the text-based ones, but I'd still like to keep the transitions and the animations associated to the pictures.
    On a side note, I tried creating slides directly from flash, but it'd take me years to finish them and the material needs to be assembled at the end of this week. So I'm a little short on options.


    I forgot. We have all Macs at home so I'd need a program which would work on Mac. (I didn't install Windows on mine.)
    Or if anyone can tell me a trick to make things work it'd be much appreciated.

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