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    Celestron Microscope
    I've already got a query to Celestron, but thought I would ask here too. Does anyone know if the Celestron 44320 Digital Microscope will run on an iMac? OSX lots of everything.

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    Well, I already got an answer from Celestron (whoda thunk?) It IS compatible with iMac. Yeah!!

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    Enjoy your microscope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reveivl View Post
    Well, I already got an answer from Celestron (whoda thunk?) It IS compatible with iMac. Yeah!!
    My son got this same microscope for Christmas...can you tell me what Celestron said? We plugged the USB camera into my son's intel Macbook, and nothing happens.

    Is there a driver or some other software that must be installed first (be a little gentle, I'm a 98% PC user and 2% Mac user <g>, though I'm trying to fix that)?

    I came across this $15 software that looks interesting, but of course I'd rather not have to buy it if we don't have to:

    miXscope - Mac Microscope Software

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    If it works, it'll have to be without drivers for the digital camera.
    On their site, they only have drivers for Windows.
    And the user manual only lists Windows.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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