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Thread: Photoshop and drop & Down box.

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    Photoshop and drop & Down box.
    Hey Folks.

    I recently switched to mac and I used to work with photoshop in windows.
    Now I have a little problem which is a big deal for me in a photoshop based on mac.

    You know when you want to change the font, you simply select your text and choose the font menu and with arrow keys you navigate through your fonts and see the preview so you can choose the font suited for you !

    Now in the Layers Pallet, where you can change your blending mode, If I want to navigate through the options (such as multiply, screen, normal, ...) I have to click and choose, I'm not able to navigate and If I want to change, I have to select the drop and down menu and then select again which is annoying.

    Do u know any way that I can have the menu box in the way that I can navigate with arrow keys in order to see the preview in a real time like the way is in windows ( and also with choosing the font ? )


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    I can't get it do do that either. Someone enlighten us.

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