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Thread: CS4 interface

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    CS4 interface
    I've seen some screenshots of PS CS4 and it's all in one window a la Windows. Please, please, please tell me you can switch this off on your Mac?

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    Yes. It is a check option in the Window view so just a one click on/off.

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    Honestly I like it, Its so useful to me because my working window isnt so cluttered with all these windows and a bunch of other crap.
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    None... :(
    I'm still on Windows, but I couldn't live with having them cluttered like that. (Only in a app - for the whole OS, it'll be fine)
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    I am slowly beginning to appreciate it, too. A bit confusing at first (having just become a Mac person and getting used to it) to go back to a window but I think the main point is that I have read a lot of moaning from die hard Mac fans about the new Window framing and it is completely off base. Just one click and you have your Mac environment back.

    (wink~~ I had forgotten how much I like being able to resize a window from anywhere I feel like!)

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