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Thread: Fun shoot

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    Fun shoot
    Had some fun this week after being held down these last few weeks with work from college. It was nice to get out again to just have some fun and take some pictures also.

    All taken with a Canon 40D and 70-200 f/2.8IS

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    I like the last portrait. Could have been better if you waited maybe a few seconds so both the girl and boy would have been in the light.

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    I also agree with Crimson.

    I like the composition in the first one. Everything is well exposed and overall it's a nice portrait.

    The second one can be slightly edited to bring down the highlights a bit. The framing isn't too bad, although it could be adjusted a bit, it's fine. Your 'model' has quite a friendly smile

    The third one needs a bit of a midtone boost. There's a bit too much shadow in the guys face. Also, you should straighten it a bit more so that the "pilars" are straight, and everything is in a horizontal line.

    The fourth is a nice shot. Just a bit too much though. It's like almost a full body, but just short. So perhaps making it a 1/2 length portrait, cropping tighter on the subjects.

    Last one is nice. Just needs a little boost in the midtones so that the shadows are brightened. Also, it wouldn't have been too bad to see both of the little girls shoes.


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