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    uploading home videos with firewire?
    Hello to all who read this. This is my first thread on mac-forum. I recently purchased a MBP in Dec, 07, and am extremely pleased with it. My question is how to upload my home videos on my Mac? I have a firewire cable that hooks into my panasonic camcorder. I suppose when its connected, i assume that something is going to appear on my desktop (like a USB) and i can go from there. However nothing pops up. Is there something im doing wrong? Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

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    I use iMovie, but I'm sure there are other applications. iMovie is part of the Apple iLife suite of applications. It has been a while since I've used it, but I believe that it auto opens when the camcorder is attached. If not, and you have iMovie on your Mac, then open iMovie and then import your video.
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