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    Best Mac for Graphic Design & Video Editing?
    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but I was wondering what the best Mac would be for Graphic Design and Video Editing. I'm thinking about going to college for graphic design and I Really want a Mac that is hefty enough to take lots of graphic & video editing usage etc. Thanks for any info anyone can give.

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    I would vote for the best 20 inch model imac or the 24 inch model with the upgraded graphics card. It all depends how much screen real estate you need. But both can edit video just fine.

    I'm not so sure about a Macbook Pro. But you'll need one of those if you want to go portable. Someone else will have to say if they are up to scratch. Because I've never worked with one.

    And of course a Mac Pro will work just sweetly. But it may be too expensive and to bulky for what you need, size of the machine wise.

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    I was thinking between getting a MacBook Pro and and iMac like you said. I'll do some more research on both soon. Thanks

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    yea, either one of those with a hefty external hard drive would be fine.
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