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    Organizing pics in iPhoto
    I just got my first mac and I'm transfering my pics over from my other computer. Is there any way to sub-categorized the files further then just by "events"? On my current computer I have things categorized by year, then further by type of pics (nimals, people, motorcycles, etc) then each category has subfolders based on dates of the shoot (to me this would be the "event") which then contain the actual pictures.

    Can I do that with iphoto as well? If not, is there another photo app any of you are using or should I just stick to keeping my pics sorted in files.


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    Welcome to the wonderful and easy world of macs!

    First and most important -- if you want to use iPhoto, do NOT organize anything in the library in finder. It will render iPhoto unable to access your photos, can lead to corruption, etc. So, stay out of the finder!

    Now, within iPhoto, create a folder -- maybe "Vacations". Then create albums -- say "Summer 2008", "Spain 2007", etc. Put those albums into the Vacation folder, and drag the corresponding events into the albums. Easy! These are aliases only, and not the actual picture. So, if you delete one from the album, it remains in your library. If you want to delete the photo entirely, delete it into the trash in iPhoto from the "event" itself.

    You could also create smart albums. Then use keywords to describe your photos -- maybe "Uncle Bill", "Sunrise" etc. Then they will automatically be loaded into the correct smart album.

    When you want to do something with your photos, like maybe upload to MySpace, use the export command within the app to export to the desktop (you can also just drag to the desktop, but exporting gives you options regarding size), and upload to MySpace from there.

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    Thanks! I'm glad to hear it can be done... now I just have to figure out what it is you're talking about when you say the library in finder...

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    What Skybolt was describing is the individual's Library folder located in the Finder. He was pointing out that all organizing should be done within the iPhoto program, not in the Library folder. No problem--just open iPhoto and proceed with whatever organization you wish.

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    Finder is first icon in your dock. In equivalent Windows terms, it's just like opening the My Computer window.

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    aaah.. oh gotcha... I had a feeling that's what you were talking about. Still getting used to this whole mac thing.

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