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    iPhoto: "Events".
    Hi there,
    This is my first post, so hello!

    -- Right, I 'don't like' iPhoto much, my Mac isn't the fastest, so this maybe why..
    But, my organizing system isn't working for me anymore.. Is there a way to create an Event in an Event? I.E. click on the event: Animals then go to another page: Dogs
    Because iPhoto really beeps me off with this..
    I have an iPhone right, and I take 30+ pics a day with it, pure random pictures of things from bottles to the car in front etc.

    I just need some help organizing things!! How should I do it..
    Mainly for my iPhone..

    Thanks a lot,

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    Sounds like you mean subcategories within an event?

    Personally I dont use Iphoto, due to where all the photos get imported. So I just download them to their seperate folders in the "pictures" folder. That way I can customize it more to my liking. I do not have an iphone, so I don't know if it comes with a program to move the images into your "pictures" folder, without it directly downloading to Iphoto.

    I also use photoshop alot so all my individual psd docs (logos, whatnot) just get dumped into the "pictures" folder.

    Hope I was some help for ya.

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    In iPhoto, create a folder, maybe "animals". Then create an album for "cats" and one for "dogs". Put those albums in the Animals folder. Then just drag the photo to the correct album and your organizing is done. You could also create smart albums, keyword each photo and they will automatically be put in the correct album. Those albums can then be synced with your iPhone (at least they do to my iPod Touch). Easy.

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    I never really liked the prior version of iPhoto because I didn't like how they organized photos and how the User Interface worked. On the other hand, I really like iPhoto '08...they fixed everything I didn't like iPhoto '06 (or whatever it was).
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