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    Recommendations for Photo Software
    Hi guys -- I'm a new forum member and a sanctified Mac convert as of about a year ago...

    I'm hoping someone can guide me to the right application for formatting digital photos... my business requires me to utilize a lot of color photos of real estate properties that are formatted into a two-to-a-page layout for inclusion in presentations that are either printed or uploaded onto our web page for viewing by others.

    I need some ideas on working with photos better. Here's my ultimate goal: I'd like to upload photos to my computer and have them automatically placed into a two-to-a page letter-sized format, with user-friendly text boxes below each photo that allow me to type a short description of each photo.

    This seems so simple but I'm just not familiar enough with photo formating, so right now it takes me way to long to get these formatted and laid out properly.

    What's the best app to use for this purpose? I've tried Photoshop but it doesn't seem to be geared to my specific business need. Is there some inexpensive application out there specifically designed for professional presentation needs like mine? I don't need a lot of graphics or image manipulation.

    Thanks in advance!! RobT.

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    you could use pages, part of the iwork suit, its not a photo editor but a layout - word processing package

    if you dont have it already you can download the trial

    For more comprehensive layout tasks the open source Scribus might meet your needs

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    I do a similar thing with powerpoint. its not automatic but the drag and drop works fine. I suggest you export out of iPhoto and make the jpg smaller or your PPT file could be very large depending on the number of pictures and the resolution and MP of the camera.

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    here is an image from PPT. Pick one when you start up a new file.
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