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Thread: Help! I corrupted my sd card!

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    Aug 13, 2008
    Help! I corrupted my sd card!
    Ok, I'm still a relatively new mac user, and here's my problem. I RARELY remember to eject discs before I remove them from the usb port, and this time I've done it. I unplugged my camera without ejecting it and now I've lost almost 2 gigs of family vacation photos! I haven't told them yet, is there anything I can do?

    My camera is a Nikon D80 if that matters. Thanks guys!

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    Type flash card recovery software into Google- many options will pop up.

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    Two thoughts:
    1. Plug the camera, complete with its card, back into your Mac and see if it 'restores' the situation you had before unplugging it.
    2. When the card is in your Nikon, and the camera is unplugged from the Mac, and you use the viewer function, does it show anything on the camera screen?

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    update, i used stellar phoenix to recover the data. 360 saved, 190 horribly discolored.

    questions at this point:
    1. is there a way to repair the damaged files? not hoping for much here.
    2. how can i make sure i dont fubar files in the future?

    oh, and @hughvane:
    tried those first, and when the camera showed the card as having no images thats when i panicked and came here.

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