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    how many programs can I run on a G4
    I am considering purchasing a used G4 ibook because I am on a budget and can't afford a macbook right now, but I need something to edit my work with. The used mac I am looking at has these specs:
    G4, 1.2ghz 768 mg RAM 150 Gb hard drive and OS X v. 10.4.11
    my question is this can I run CS2, soundtrackpro and soundslides plus on this machine or will it be it just slow the darn thing down untill it's not useable, I can get a good deal on this used one so any suggestions on how to beef up the RAM would be appreciated as well

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    Maximum RAM will help what you want to do. The maximum memory capacity of the system is 1.25 GB - with 256 MB onboard and a 1.0 GB SO-DIMM.
    Don't expect lightning speed from a 1.25 processor with those heavyweight applications running simultaneously. And don't try to go beyond Tiger.

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    PowerBook G4, 1ghz, 40gb HD, 768mb mem, Tiger
    I use Photoshop CS2 on my machine and it works without a hickup. I do photo restoration work with ease on 300dpi images.

    My pc laptop which was also 1ghz did process raw photos a lot faster than the PowerBook I use today.
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    Is your computer working? I could fix that

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