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    Deviant Art icon downloads.
    ok i just downloaded the wooden slick drives from deviantart. how do i go about setting them so there on? i cant figure it out

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    ohh cool icons.

    First, unzip the file by double clicking on it. You'll get a new folder titled Wooden Slick Drives. Open that.

    To set it as the icon for your HD, highlight the icon you want in the ICNs folder, click File > Get Info (or Cmd + I), then in the new window that opened, highlight the *small* icon in the top left, then File > Copy (Cmd + C).

    Next, highlight the folder/icon you want changed, Get Info, highlight the small icon, then File > Paste (Cmd + V)

    Some pictures on how to do it here

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    Also make sure you are using an admin account if you would like to change the HD drive.

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