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    Getting Started With Vector Art
    I have been fooling around with Adobe Illustrator for a few months now, but I would really like to start learning how to use it to its full extent. Does anyone know of any good books or websites to assist me in this? Thanks for the help!

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    I just bought the Illustrator CS3 Bible for about 22.. I can recommend that if you dont mind a ridiculous amount of reading and not many pictures.

    Can I see some of the stuff youve made with Illustrator as I also recently started using it.

    Not really found any good websites that teach you. Only ones that provide free vectors. Which are always useful to have

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    ok I'll check out the illustrator bible when I get the money. I'll put up some things I've done when I get back from class also

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    Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book is a good place to start if you like learning by example.
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    2 has some great tutorials on everything Adobe and more. It does cost a little bit, but I've used it and can recommend it as being a very powerful vid-tutorial service.

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