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    How to change dates in iPhoto?
    Just looking for a way to change the date on a specific event. I guess what has happened is that the camera in which I imported some photos had the wrong year. Now on iPhoto it categorizes the specific event incorrectly.
    Any help on how to change the year? thx

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    It's pretty easy in iPhoto. Just select the photos as a group and press Shift-Command-B for batch change. Select Date, set the new date and off you go.
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    Or select your photos, click on Photo, then "Adjust date and time" be sure to check the box for changing the file as well so all will be nice and neat!

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    You can do one thing , that is you select teh photo you want to change the date of , then you go to opstions and then edit teh date of your choice.
    It si as simple.

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