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Thread: iPhoto - Location Question

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    iPhoto - Location Question

    I'm about to pick up my new MB next week, so I'm a real newbie. Please bear with me.

    I understand that by using iPhoto to import and manage my photos it creates multiple copies of the images on my HD. Is it possible to store the original photos on an external drive, retaining only one set on the MB HD and still have full functionality in iPhoto without being connected to the external drive?

    Thanks in advance!

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    iPhoto does not, by itself, duplicate photos, with the exception that it DOES retain the original of any modified photos so that you can always revert to the original. The only actual duplication of all photos would be if you imported to a file outside of iPhoto and then imported into iPhoto from there. Double work and double trouble! Just let iPhoto take care of organizing (that is what it is for, and it does it brilliantly!) and don't worry about duplicates. A backup on an external is never a bad idea, however! Our photos are precious to us, and should be protected!

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    Thank you! That's cleared up my confusion... for now

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