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    Anyone using Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer?
    I just started on my Mac Pro after 10 yrs PC. I'm not getting the detailed info for my printer, with Mac, that I got with PC. For instance, double-sided printing is grayed out. Any & all help appreciated. I'm beginning to wonder if spending the big $$ for a Mac Pro was a wise decision.
    Also used Adobe CS3 on my PC; can't use it on Mac Pro unless some Mac hacker has a keygen for Mac version. LOL

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    Congrats on your new purchase.

    So what details are you looking for? Everything is usually handled through the software you're using after you set up the driver. I've never used a double sided printing script, do they exist on desktop printers?

    With CS3, if you can't afford the new purchase, running it on the windows side of your mac could be an option. I'm sure rendering times will still fly.

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