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    Hi there

    Sorry this question has probably been asked a million times, but each time I think I have found the answer, I get a completely new rely contradicting what first heard...IF that makes sense?

    About months ago my pc's mother board blew up, and i was so bored of the constant problems with it crashing, getting a virus etc so i firstly got an apple macbook pro, but the keys decided they wanted to pop up!! I took it back to the retailer i had bought it from expecting a replacement, but i had to wait a months before they would get anymore i stock. So i decided i would get a 24" imac I think its a great machine!1 I have had no problems with it, it very very fast and I'm enjoin it allot.

    Although, my mac will do everything my pc would have done and more... But, macs don't run 3ds max. OK thats fine i just installed parallels....3ds max wouldn't install i got a ton of errors installing it?? I really hate he idea of having to boot into windows, then having to go back into os x. But i decided if i anted to use 3ds max i will just have to install windows on bootcamp so i gave it 30gb of space and tried installing, BUT windows wouldn't install...

    Sorry for a long post, but this is my question.

    has anyone else here managed to install "3ds max 2009" on paralells?? with no installation problems? if so, how??

    Please can someone help me, i have heard so many comments about parallels running 3ds max well, running it badly, not running it at all and I'm very confused!!


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    hi JMS, its not possible on parallels. I installed 3DS using boot camp and it ran very smooth. Smoother than when on my super PC. I am not entirely sure why it will no work on parallels, but its best to run it on boot camp.

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