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    Newbe slide show question
    Brand new iMac 20" user (20+ year Windows exp). My goal is to produce DVD's with travel photo slide shows. I'm traveling in an RV so have only sporatic web access. Watched the tutorials several times but still am struggling.

    I have made sample slideshows using IPhoto and like the results but can't figure out how to go directly to a DVD and retain the "ken Burns" fade transition and accompanying music. I've also tried making DVD's with IDvd but its like starting all over again, different transitions, music etc.

    Paid a couple of guys at Best Buys to show me how but didn't help much. They created a show in Iphoto then stuck it into IMovie. Is this necessary?

    Please give me a little help. Thanks

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    I've used many apps for creating slideshows and nothing compares to Photomagico by Boinx. If it's worth it to you to spend a few bucks to create a professional looking presentation for all kinds of aspect ratios I'd pull the trigger. You can burn DVDs directly or using apps like iDVD or Toast.
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    I always just use iMovie It's free and very simple to use. Just put the photos in the order you want and sync it up to some music! Add transitions and whatever, it always comes out great! I don't know how professional it looks, but it looks great to me. Just my 2 cents Good luck!

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