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    First attempt at photoshop, critique please
    Hello all, i just started playing around with photoshop the other day and came up with an image that blended three images together into one. I think it's ok but it lacks the "wow" factor that i'm looking for as i'm trying to design an image for the home page of the website i'm building. I need something to really impress people when they see it. If you have any suggestions on what i should do with this picture or maybe even effects or layers i could apply, please feel free. Thanks alot.

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    I think you might be trying to over-egg the pudding by trying to find the elusive 'wow factor'.

    Why have you combined the three images for example? Why not take an interesting crop from one of the images?

    There's no focal point at the moment - I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. It's great that you've got to grips with the blending and layer masks, but think about the design first and then the implementation.

    Sketch on some paper maybe and pin down what you're trying to do first.

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    I have also thought about doing a slideshow for my homepage, maybe that would be a better option..............??

    I just thought about doing something unique with photoshop for my homepage to draw people in, but perhaps a slideshow would work better.

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    I think that something a little simpler would be more of what you are looking for. A lot of time when trying "wow" someone we tend to go overboard. Trying a merge of just two of the photos. Or as suggested above, maybe an interesting crop of one.

    Congrats on your grasp of blending. The middle and the right pic are merged very well.

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