Alright well first off I just bought a 15.4' macbook pro and and run xp now via bootcamp as well.

Here is my problem:

I have a Gateway 24" 1920x1200 monitor which i run alongside my macbook via the dvi to vga adapter.

Anyways here is the problem. To begin with the display settings under system preferences seem to leave much to be desired. However when i run XP i can access the nvidia control panel and adjust settings to my liking. I was wondering is there anyway to access the nvidia control panel in OSX or are there any other ways that can let me tweak the settings alot more like in the nvidia control panel?

Adding to that there seems to be another issue, I am trying to just use my 24" monitor and when i select mirror image(i think thats what its called) it works however my laptop monitor is running 1440x900, and its noticeable on my 24' monitor, so i select 1920x1200 for my monitor and its seems to look exactly the same, so it seems that while it says i selected that resolution, it does not actually switch to that. I know this because when i run dual screens(laptop monitor and 24" monitor) when i run 1920x1200 on my 24" monitor it looks alot better. The thing is i want to just use that monitor(so i would just turn the brightness all the way down on my laptop screen), however cant seem to achieve 1920x1200 resolution even when it says i am.