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    Calibrating of Mac screens
    Has anyone used a screen calibration device to good effect on either an iMac 24 (glossy) or a normal macbook?
    will be used for photo editing

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    Yep, I did it manually on a MBP to get rid of the yellow tint. The difference is night and don't notice the yellow tint until you correct it.

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    I have used a Syder on various macs, it does a good job

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    Jun 21, 2007
    I personally prefer the X-Rite Eye-One Display 2. Before buying this, I tried the Spyder 3; I had an installation issue, and I found their tech support wasn't all that great. So, I returned that and bought the X-Rite calibrator.

    Also, the cord for the X-Rite sensor seems heavier; since the sensor hangs by the cord, a heavier cord will hopoefully last longer.

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    how about the bit of glowing i the corners in black screen? any one know about this and if cal. will help.

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