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    Adobe Indesign CS3 v5.0.2 crash when importing large PSD files
    I was loading the catalog in Adobe InDesgin CS3 version 5.0.2, by importing PSD files which each one is less than 5MB file size mostly.

    Sometimes the files are imported successfully, sometimes not.
    (such as imported 4 files, the 5th to 6th ones won't work, then 7th one will work again). So I have to spend extra time to import the ones unsuccessful.

    I have already disabled Version Cue from InDesign, but crash problem still existed. Will it solve the problem if I install the latest update v5.0.3? Will it be backward compatible with files created in v5.0.2?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    that shouldn't happen

    Are there type layers in the psd file, perhaps try saving one of them with a different font in its layers to see if that is the problem

    Are the psds RGB or CMYK

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