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Thread: good camcorder for mac?

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    Question good camcorder for mac?
    im looking at getting a camera like the Panasonic Gs 320...
    is this a good camera and what would you recommend?

    also what's the difference between usb and firewire

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    Best camcorder that is MAC compatible!
    Same question as above. I have a Mac Book Pro and I love SONY cameras. I am in the market for a new camcorder and want one that syncs with my mac. Which models do other around here have that works best with mac? I'm not married to Sony, but I like 'em! HD is not necessary, but, I like to spend $$$!!! Not really, but I typically over-buy for the sake of over-buying!

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I've used DV Tape and DVD but I find that the HD versions are much easier to use and you don't have the problem of having to transfer data in real time like on DVD and Tape.

    I have JVC and a Sony HD Camcorders, using Firewire and USB and they are both fine.
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