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    Unhappy Missing Photoshop file
    I have searched everywhere in the finder for a DVD sleeve I made up a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember the name of it and unfortunately, the OPEN RECENT tab under FILE only covers the last 10 files opened.

    How can I fine EVERY Photoshop file that is floating around my MBP and see them altogether so I can locate this missing file?

    Sometimes when doing a hasty save, it saves it to a folder with that days date on, I can't find any date folders also.

    I have looked everywhere under PICTURES, HARD DISK and USERNAME but to no avail.

    Advice appreciated.

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    Simply type PSD or any other file extension in the finder search box and it will display all files with that extension on it.


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    The search engine in the Finder is useless. According to it my laptop is completely empty. Doesn't matter what I type in, the moment I start I get an empty rectangle.

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