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    Printed Product 'Fuzzy' Unlike Picture on Monitor
    Printed Product 'Fuzzy' Unlike Picture on Monitor. This problem has happened to me occasionally using PhotoElements 5.0 on a PC and has just happened again using PhotoElements 6.0 on my new IMac. Does anyone know why this happens and how to change this result without redoing my 'masterpiece' through PE from scratch? By the way, I am using a Canon Pixma IP 4000 and it usually produces beautiful sharp copies. Thanks.

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    What is the resolution & size of the original file you are working with? Im not sure about Elements, but in Photoshop cmd-option-i will bring up the image size window, which will tell you the file size and the resolution.

    For viewing a picture on screen, 72 pixels/inch (ppi) is usually sufficient. For print, though, you should have at least 150 ppi (300 ppi would be best)

    (note: if you have a original file that is 1" x 1" @ 300 ppi, and you enlarge it to 2" x 2", the resolution will drop to 150 ppi.)
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    Fuzzy Picture--Need for Resolution?
    I used the cmd-option-i combination and find that the information for preview is 72 ppi. Additionally, the size is 432 x 288 pixels. Because the .psd is a combination of photos taken the same day at the same setting, I am assuming this would apply to all 6 pictures in the 'collage'. The dimensions of the card to be printed are 4 x 6". If I print within PE 6 for the Mac, where does it allow me to change the resolution? Under Color Management, should the Color Handling be No Color Management, Printer Controlled or PE Controlled? What should the Rendering Intent be normally? Scale to fit media? Thanks.

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    Fuzzy Picture--Need for Resolution?--Part Two
    You had asked for the resolution of one of the original pictures which I neglected to give you in the previous posting. The dimensions for one of the pictures there was 2976 x 1984. Thanks again.

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    this. Size the photo to the size of the print media and at 300ppi. Save a copy and try and print that.
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