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    Beginner photographer
    Hey I just started photography, and i would really appreciate you guys looking at my photos. And give me some advice and suggestions. Thanks in Advance

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    Keep going, your eye is good, technically, play with your settings more and take large numbers of photos using different settings and exposures.
    Well done, a great start
    Mac is like a car, keep clean and up to date and it will give you many hours of good driving

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    Watch your close-ups. Some of them are out of focus.
    Nice beginning.

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    I agree with everyone.

    I think you are on a great start, and certainly on the right track.

    Keep practicing and taking pictures. Try new angles, positions, and watch the direction of light

    I feel that you have great potential and I know you can become a great photographer. Keep on going in this direction, and keep practicing and have fun with it.

    Best wishes,

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