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    Dates on iPhoto pictures
    Hello everybody,

    I recently purchased an iMac (couple of days) and I am quite ignorant when it comes to iMac or Apple products. I transferred all my photos from by back up hard drive to iPhoto but I had 2 big problems once it transferred the pictures:

    1. The originals pictures were stored in folders with its assigned name and date the pictures were taken (except OLD family pictures which I assigned a year only instead of a date). Here the problem is the iPhoto copied TWICE al my folders, hence all my pictures. First how can I delete the folders and stop the event from recurring in the future?

    How may I change the date on the pictures? I tried editing the dates but for example there's a folder with a beginning date of March 23, 2003 (which in this case I don't know where it got from) and an ending date of June, 2006. I was able to change the starting date but not the ending date.

    In my pc I had Picasa which is a program like iPhoto but in Picasa you can easily change the date of a folder or picture and you are able to look into the properties of a particular picture, so you know exactly when the picture was taken. You can also move a picture or a set of pictures to another folder if you want but I find myself having lots of dificulties doing the same in iPhoto.
    I am not saying that the pc is better than the Imac, it is just very difficult for me using commands like "Cut" and "Paste" don't work the same in the iMac or pressing "Control" then mouse click does work the same on my iMac.


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    First off, do not do any editing of anything in the finder. Stay out of that folder altogether. You will render iPhoto incapable of finding your photos,and worse! iPhoto organizes photos in its own way and we must not mess with that. If you were looking in your library in finder and thought you saw duplicates, they probably are not actually duplicates. iPhoto keeps the original of each photo so that the user can go back and start any editing fresh. It also keeps a folder called "Modified" that contains the modified photos that you have edited. There are also folders that contain the thumbnails so that the program can work faster. You must not mess with this structure! Now, if you see duplicates in the app, then you do have duplicates. Not sure why this would have happened.

    How exactly did you import your photos into iPhoto and from where? If you had them in folders, you should (have) imported folder by folder and your organization would be preserved. Tell us what/how you did this and we can help.

    Now, in Iphoto, to change the date on photos, select the photos you want to change, and then choose Photos (I think that is right, I'm not at the mac right now), and then "Adjust Date and Time". You will also notice there that you can batch change the titles to your photos as well -- nice feature.

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    I apologize for not answering any sooner.I was trying to figure out my own questions (playing a bit with iphoto). But now a much bigger problem: as I am trying to edit pictures it gives me the following message:"The volume for "IMG_0038vi.jpg" cannot be found (this being the number of the picture(s). Insert the disk or connect to the server volume and wait for it to appear then try again". As more error messages appeared, I got frustrated and deleted all the pictures and transferred them again, folder by folder but it again gave the error message (This also does NOT happen with all the folders)

    I did manage to change the dates on the pictures. This is how I transferred my pictures: I clicked on my "pictures" folders in my pc, dragged it to iphoto and iphoto copied all the folders. I ASSUME that it put the folders in order of dates (from the pictures) or by the names the folders had i.e. "Summer vacation", "Dog park day", etc,etc.

    If you can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.

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