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    Mr Retro Plug In no-show
    I'm trying to install a set of Mr Retro Plug-In filters to Photoshop CS2. Despite following the installation to the letter (seventeen times!!!) they just don't show up in the filters menu. I can see the files have installed correctly into the Plug Ins folder of CS2, and I've also tried putting them into a specified additional plug-ins folder, but still they just don't show up. I have all the necessary updates installed, and they are not pirate software. Currently awaiting tech support from Mr Retro, but wondered if anyone here has any ideas? Surely the default Plug Ins folder for Photoshop CS2 is the one called Plug Ins?
    Any help/thoughts appreciated

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    Mr. Retro Plug-ins
    Hi Brian:

    Did you ever receive a response from the support folks at Mr. Retro? I am having the same problem and you might want to actually open your CS2 Plug-in folder to look at the "filters/plug-ins." When I opened my Plug-ins folder, I could see that the "filters" were PC exe "files." Not gonna work on a mac - you're completely correct in installing the plug-ins in your CS2 Plug-ins folder. I tried installing them in both CS2 and CS3 and nada. You're doing the correct installation and I would love to know if you ever did get the plug-ins installed, as your post is dated as of June.


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    I had the same initial problem with installing the Machine Wash IV filter for the first time, but after installing the update found here the filters worked fine. They only work on 8 bit images too, so if you are trying to load the filter with a 16 bit image it may not appear in the filters menu. Thats all I can suggest really, other than waiting for a reply from Mr Retro support I guess.

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