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Thread: Mac OS X Tiger

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Mac OS X TIger
    have never been able to resize photos, can anyone help me out?

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    Are you using iPhoto?

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    Mac OS X Tiger is simply an operating system.
    You will need a photo manipulation/organization application to do resize and work with photos.
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    For free graphics manipulation apps, try Gimp although you will need to install X11 first from the Tiger disk to make it run, or Image Tricks (much more basic but a bit of a resource hog) - http://www.belight .
    Others will come along with further choices, try them all and use what suits you best.

    Hope this helps


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    I think preview also does it, if not use GIMP as 'hugtheslug' said or use a very simple image resizing program 'Image Well' which can be found here -

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    if you are just resizing a pictures i use rapido resizer it lets you resize based off pixels. you can also rotate, and change file format.

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